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LTE TRAXX AC3 Last Mile  

In December 2015, Austrain railfreight operator LTE announced having ordered one TRAXX AC3 locomotive with Last Mile module. On 23.06.2016 the blue locomotive, designated as 187 930, was ready to leave the Bombardier factory in Kassel.

LTE TRAXX AC3 Last Mile: News  
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2016-12-01 [AT] LTE 187 930 receives first check-up after 30.000 km of service
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2016-10-20 [DE] New blue: LTE 187 930 in Germany
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2016-07-04 [AT] LTE 187 930 in service
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2016-06-28 [AT] LTE demonstrates the first Bombardier TRAXX AC3 locomotive in Austria
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2016-06-24 [AT] This is the new TRAXX AC3 for LTE!
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2016-01-22 [DE] LTE orders TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive
LTE TRAXX AC3 Last Mile: Fleet List  
Bombardier 35250 2016 TRAXX F160 AC3 LM Bo'Bo'-el/de 187 930-3 18 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35424 2018 TRAXX F160 AC3 LM Bo'Bo'-el/de 187 931-1 2 picture(s) available   revision data available