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PIMK Vectron  

In April 2016, logistics company PIMK from Bulgaria decided to purchase a Vectron locomotive from Siemens. It proved out that the operator was the first to buy a 'Medium Power' Vectron, being 192 962. After tests and homologation, PIMK Rail started revenue services with the machine on 08.08.2016.

PIMK Vectron: news  
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2016-08-08 [BG] PIMK Vectron approved and in service
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2016-06-03 [BG] About PIMK Rail
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2016-05-12 [BG] PIMK 192 962 running in Bulgaria [updated]
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2016-05-05 [HU] MRCE>GySEV ES64U2-070 hauls PIMK Rail 192 962
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2016-05-01 [BG] Logistics company PIMK purchases Vectron 192 962 [updatedx2]
PIMK Vectron: Fleet list  
Siemens 21700 2013 Vectron AC Bo'Bo'-el 80 962 27 picture(s) available