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RCP Gama  

On 16.05.2016 it was made official that Pesa had founded 'Rail Capital Partners' (RCP), together with the state-owned Polish Development Fund (PFR). Pesa takes a 51% stake in RCP, where PFR owns the remaining 49% of the shares.

The two partners will commonly bring around 200 million Zloty into RCP. Included in the investment is the construction of eight Gama Marathon locomotives by Pesa.

RCP Gama: News  
open news
2016-07-28 [PL] Pesa has completed Gama electric no.5
open news
2016-05-17 [PL] Pesa and Polish Development Fund start locomotive leasing company: 8 Gama locomotives on order
RCP Gama: Fleet list  
Pesa ? 201x Gama 111Ed Bo'Bo'-el/de 111Ed-002 1 picture(s) available        
Pesa ? 201x Gama 111Ed Bo'Bo'-el/de 111Ed-003          
Pesa ? 201x Gama 111Ed Bo'Bo'-el/de 111Ed-004 1 picture(s) available        
Pesa ? 2017 Gama 111Ed Bo'Bo'-el/de 111Ed-005 2 picture(s) available