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ÖBB Vectron  

On 05.03.2018, locomotive 1293 001 was the center of attention of a press event in Vienna. The event shows us the end result of a long tender, that has been the talk of the town for very long time. Launched back in October 2015, it took the Austrian federal railways (ÖBB) more than 15 months to select a winner; Siemens won and was to deliver the new generation of electric locomotives for ÖBB's rail freight divisions. It became clear that the ÖBB had changed its fleet strategy during the bidding process. No experiments, no new locomotive types, no 6-axle or 8-xale power packs. Instead, ÖBB choose a proven and standardised solution; Starting next June, ÖBB is to receive thirty Vectron multi system electrics. In December the delivery will be completed.

In 2017 the ÖBB and Siemens signed a frame contract for a maximum of 200 locomotives. Under this contract, ÖBB is able to order multi system Vectron locos, and AC machines as well (with diesel shunter module if needed).

ÖBB Vectron: Fleet list  
Siemens 22308 2017 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 1293 001 3 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Siemens 22324 2018 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 1293 002          
Siemens 22325 2018 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 1293 003          
Siemens 22326 2018 Vectron MS Bo'Bo'-el 1293 004